Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Uneven Structure

Groovy metal. These guys have one EP out released for free. They plan to change their style a bit though with the full-length, as shown on their album teaser.

Egocentric Focus by Uneven Structure off of their EP:

Website (with download to EP)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Born of Osiris Single to be Released

Self explanatory

Hopefully it gets leaked sooner; I can't wait!

Exist by Born of Osiris - from their latest release: A Higher Place

I, Your Liege

I, Your Liege is an Experimental/Death Metal/Progressive band from New York. Think deathcore Between the Buried and Me. They aren't as instrumentally diverse as BTBAM, but you can see that they take influence on the many tempo changes of BTBAM.

They have only one release, a self-title EP that was released for free back in February. I think that the EP is definately listened to as an album instead of just song-by-song as they songs flow into another. Definitely worth your listen.

Two songs that stand out from the others to me:

False Ideals:

Human Condition:

Friday, January 28, 2011


I figured I would do my first recommendation on a fairly unknown band.

Sumatra is a band from Russia calls themselves Progressive/Hardcore, but they have an apparent deathcore influence with a touch of technical metal. This band stands out from others in my mind because of their very catchy leads, not being afraid to show how well they can play, and ultimately, the memorability of their songs.

They have two releases: The Sixth Circle EP and Heliocratic Infinity, both of which feature similar sounds.

Some of my standout tracks from their full-length Heliocratic Infinity are Stillborn Savior, Rescue from Enslaving, and Earth of Corpses.

Stillborn Savior:

(listen on YouTube or MySpace for better quality)

They have been working on some new material with the arrival of a new guitarist. The vocals have changed as well; I don't know if the current vocalist is new or not though.




I plan to use this blog to recommend and review metal bands.

I enjoy listening to anything from death metal to metalcore; most of the bands I listen to are on the techy side to reduce on the monotonicity that is metal.

Just to give you a small taste of what I listen to, here are my top 5 favorite bands:
Circle of Contempt
Shadow of the Colossus
Between the Buried and Me
Within the Ruins

Releases I'm looking forward to currently are
New Born of Osiris album
Elitist debut full-length
Failure in Vanity debut full-length
Ocean Within debut-full length
Disfiguring the Goddess material

more to come..