Friday, January 28, 2011


I figured I would do my first recommendation on a fairly unknown band.

Sumatra is a band from Russia calls themselves Progressive/Hardcore, but they have an apparent deathcore influence with a touch of technical metal. This band stands out from others in my mind because of their very catchy leads, not being afraid to show how well they can play, and ultimately, the memorability of their songs.

They have two releases: The Sixth Circle EP and Heliocratic Infinity, both of which feature similar sounds.

Some of my standout tracks from their full-length Heliocratic Infinity are Stillborn Savior, Rescue from Enslaving, and Earth of Corpses.

Stillborn Savior:

(listen on YouTube or MySpace for better quality)

They have been working on some new material with the arrival of a new guitarist. The vocals have changed as well; I don't know if the current vocalist is new or not though.



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